Coach Details

David Boyer


Fayetteville, NC

[email protected]


Coaching services for triathletes is $175 a month.
Coaching services for runners vary depending on distance, fee start at $35 a month.
Swim video analysis, above water and underwater for $50 per session.

Annual plan development, Monthly Training Schedule, Anaerobic Threshold Testing, power analysis, off season indoor cycling training, and swim/bike/ run form and technique analysis.

My areas of coaching in which I have developed specific expertise is long course triathlon (half-Ironman) and cycling. Cycling/Running includes Anaerobic Threshold Heart Rate testing and training zone development and training with power on the bike.

I am a certified triathlon coach through International Triathlon Coaching Association.  I am a competitive runner / triathlete, and an Ironman finisher. I have coached marathoners and recently started coaching triathletes. I coach runners triathletes, and beginners. I consider each athletes lifestyle and goals and combine into a program that will meet their objectives but still have fun in both training and competition. I believe that each athlete should have a training and racing plan built around their specific needs and desires, not a cookie cutter type approach. Whether one is an overweight beginner training to run his or her first 5k, a cyclist trying to develop speed, or an experienced triathlete training to complete an iron distance event, event/race/goal specific training is the cornerstone of any coaching approach.