2024 Milkman Triathlon ~ Results . .


Sprint Triathlon :
Triathlon : Swim 500 Meters, Bike 12.4 Miles, Run 3.1 Miles
  • Race Date: Saturday, June 1, 2024
  • Start Time: 7:30 AM
  • Entry Fee:$20+
  • Location:Lake Van
  • Address: 4 Lake Van Dr
  • City/State/Zip:Dexter, New Mexico 88230
  • Country: USA

_The 2024 Milkman Triathlon:

The 38th Annual Milkman Triathlon is a Sprint Triathlon held in Dexter, New Mexico.  Start with a swim in Lake Van, bike towards Bottomless Lakes State Park, and finish with a run through the Southwestern Native Aquatic Resources & Recovery Center.
Swim 0.5k - Bike 20k - Run 5k
Chocolate Milk and Ice Cream will be waiting for you at the finish line.

This race is also great for beginners. You can compete as a soloist or on a relay. Relays must be mixed gender to qualify for awards.

Event details and schedule
Friday, May 31, 2024
5:30pm- 7:30pm- Packet pickup at the lake office
Saturday, June 1, 2024
6:15am- 7:30am- Packet pickup resumes
Be sure to bring your ID and USAT Card.

Eight Commonly Violated USAT Rules
1. Helmets and Chinstraps: Helmets must be worn and securely fastened at all times while in possession of your bike. This means from the time you remove your bike from the rack at the start of the bike leg, until after you have placed your bike on the rack at the finish of the bike leg.
2. Unauthorized Assistance: No assistance other than that offered by race staff (including volunteers), medical officials and active participants may be used. A participant shall not physically assist the forward progress of another participant on any part of the course.
3. Non-Draft Legal Bike Position Rules: Athletes must ride right and only move left to complete a legal pass and must not block athletes attempting a legal pass. Athletes must not pass on the right. Drafting is not allowed. An athlete should not attempt to complete a pass unless the athlete is highly confident in their ability to complete the pass in the allotted amount of time. Once an athlete enters the draft zone of another cyclist there is only one exit and that is out the front.
4. Entire Course: Athletes must complete the race course in its entirety and as prescribed including in segment order.
5. Headphones and Communication devices: Participants may carry a phone (such as, mounted on bike handlebars or in an arm band), but may not use communication devices of any type, including but not limited to cell phones, smart watches, and two-way radios, in any distractive manner during the competition. A “distractive manner” includes but is not limited to making or receiving phone calls, sending or receiving text messages, playing music, using social media, taking photographs or using in a one- or two-way radio communication. Using any communication device in this manner during the competition may result in disqualification.
6. Glass Containers: Glass containers are prohibited. Bringing a glass container into transition may result in disqualification.
7. Race numbers: All athletes are required to wear race numbers at all times during the run. Numbers must be clearly visible at all times. Numbers may not be altered in any way that prevents clear identification.
8. Race number Transferring: Do not transfer your number to any other athlete or take a number from an athlete that is not competing. The penalty for doing so is Disqualification and one year suspension from membership in USAT for transferring a number without race director permission.




Dexter, is in southeast New Mexico, 60 miles north of Carlsbad, and 19 miles southeast of Roswell

Lake Van:
• 4 Lake Van Dr
• Dexter, NM
• 88230

Map & Directions 

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