2023 Shark Attack at Lake Longhorn ~ Results


½ Mile Swim :
: Swim 800 Meters
1 mile Swim :
: Swim 1 Mile
2 mile Swim :
: Swim 2 Miles
2023 Shark Attack at Lake Longhorn :
: Open Water Swim
2023 Shark Attack at Lake Longhorn :
: Triathlon Training
  • Race Date: Sunday, May 28, 2023
  • Start Time: 7:30 AM
  • Entry Fee:$45 - $65
  • Address: 2391 Gun Range Rd
  • City/State/Zip:League City, Texas 77573
  • Country: USA

This is a USAT sanctioned open water race perfect for triathletes, masters swimmers, open water newcomers, and experienced open water swimmers.  Youth triathletes ready for some open water swimming are welcome too!  This race offers all three events for $45.  Swim ½ mile, 1 mile, or 2 miles – or all three. 

Location and Facilities:
Lake Longhorn is located at 2391 Gun Range Road, League City, TX 77573.  Changing areas, portable restrooms, and free parking is available.

Number of Events:
Each swimmer may enter one, or all, of the events offered.  No additional fee is required for additional events.

Entry Fee:
The entry fee for the race is $45 until 5/11/23.  The entry fee increases to $65 for all registrations made from 5/12/23 to 5/27/23.  

Race Timeline:
Packet pick-up – 6:30 am
Warm-up - 7:00 am
Event 1:  ½ mile (1 loop) – 7:30 am
Event 2:  1 mile (2 loops) – 8:00 am (swimmers not starting the 2nd loop period to 8:30 will be disqualified)
Event 3:  2 miles (4 loops) – 9:00 am (swimmers not starting the 4th loop period to 10:30 will be disqualified)
Awards will be given for each age group and gender according to these age groups: 14 and under, 15-20, 21-25, and 25 and up.  The athlete’s age will be determined as of May 28th, 2023.
Lake Longhorn Premise Waiver and Special Instructions:
Everyone on the property must have a current Lake Longhorn waiver on file.  This includes swimmers, coaches, officials, volunteers, and spectators.  Please complete the online waiver by May 12th.  Swimmers that complete the waiver after May 12th will need to check in with the lake staff the morning of the race, resulting in longer lines.  All other persons on the premises on race day will check in with the lake staff to ensure the waiver has been completed and will receive a wristband, which they must wear for the duration of their time on the property.  Swimmers do not need wristbands.  The Lake Longhorn waiver is available on their website at:  https://lakelonghorn.com/waiver/cart.php?wid=133

USAT Membership:
All participants must be a USAT member or purchase a one day membership during registration. 

This is an Open Water Lake race. The 2-mile race will be 4 laps, 1-mile race will be two laps, the ½ mile race will be one lap. Each event will start in the water from a dock entry/timed start. It will be swum in a counterclockwise direction with buoys staying on your left shoulder. The finish will be a beach exit and cross the timing mat on land.  The timing chip will record the finish and order with manual backup.

Athletes should wear brightly colored caps for this event - all participants must wear a cap.

Each participant will be given a race number prior to meet arrival/check in phase of meet.  It should be written on their upper right arm and on back left of shoulder in Sharpie or waterproof marker in 3–4-inch height before arriving at the meet venue.  Participants will check-in and race numbers verified prior to entry.  

If you are planning on swimming more than one event, you need to be able to swim an 800 in less than 30 minutes.

Warm-up:  Open warm-up, warm-down in restricted area.  There is a separate warm-up area that will be open for the duration of the event – NOT RESTRICTED TO A CERTAIN TIME.

All participants will enter the starting dock at the designated warm up area and be directed by lifeguard into the water off the starting dock, swim the course and exit the water one at a time onto the finish dock. Any participant who would like to warm up more can line back up at the starting dock for another loop.

Participants will be asked to walk from the warmup area to the competition area and are expected to arrive at the competition entrance at least 10 minutes prior to their assigned race start time.

Available on site
Deck Changes are prohibited. Deck Change definition – “changing, in whole or in part, into or out of a swimsuit when wearing just one suit in an area other than a permanent or temporary locker room, bathroom, changing room or other space designated for changing purposes”. 

Use of audio or visual recording devices, including a cell phone, is not permitted in the area behind the starting blocks, in changing areas, restrooms, showers or locker rooms. Violators may be reported to law enforcement or other governmental authorities and/or may be barred from the facility during the event. 

All applicable adults participating in or associated with this meet, acknowledge that they are subject to the provisions of the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (“MAAPP”), and that they understand that compliance with the MAAPP policy is a condition of participation in the conduct of this competition. 

Operation of a drone, or any other flying apparatus, is prohibited over the venue (pools, Athlete/coach areas, spectator areas and open ceiling locker rooms) any time athletes, Coaches, officials and/or spectators are present. 

Coaches/participants are responsible for notifying the Race Director of any disability prior to the competition and for providing their own assistant or equipment. 

Rescue Personnel and Equipment:
Rescue personnel will be in kayaks positioned at each turn buoy and at the start and finish of the race.There will be one motorized water-craft monitoring the course throughout the race. All rescue personnel will have lifesaving buoys throughout the race. There will be lifeguards positioned at the warmup area and at the actual race start/finish site. Water will also be available for emergency situations on the platforms.
Medical Evacuation Plan:
If a participant is struggling or needs assistance, they should swim to the nearest shoreline and wait for the safety staff to arrive. If unable to make it to the shore, the participant should wave their hand and stay in the same location, rescue personnel will come to their assistance. Participants will then be transported to the nearest shoreline or finish line by kayak.  EMT has been requested to be on site to treat any participants if necessary.

Weather Evacuation Plan:
The race will be swum under all conditions except thunder and lightning. If there is hazardous weather in the area, we will delay the race 30 minutes per occurrence. We will make every attempt to swim the events. There will be no entry fee refunds.
If there is hazardous weather during a race, foghorns will be used to alert participants to exit the lake at the nearest point. Participants are to meet back at the registration area and proceed to their vehicles.


-:- USAT 

2023 Results:

2023 Results at: runsignup.com 

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