The 2012 Rat Snake ~ Results


The Rat ( trail run ) 18K:-Off Road 11 miles trail run
The Rat Snake ( reverse triathlon ):- 11 miles trail run, 29 mile bike ride, 26 yard swim
Team Triathlon (3 competitors):- 11 miles trail run, 29 mile bike ride, 26 yard swim
  • Race Date: Saturday, May 19, 2012
  • Location:Gilbert Lake State Park
  • Address: 18 CCC Road
  • City/State/Zip:Laurens, New York 13796
  • Country: USA
  • The Rat Snake is a physical and mental challenge honoring a great manDr. Ken Stalter.  Ken inspired many people by his personal example.  That example? Pushing himself to be the very best he could be at all endeavors, with no help, with no exceptions.  This challenge is a tribute to him and his unique drive to succeed.  Through this challenge, you will be given the opportunity to imitate his determination.  Because of these attributes, Ken made everything seem possible no matter how hard the race/challenge was that he entered and he instilled this feeling to all who came into contact with him.  Do not be intimidated by anything this challenge throws at you as the point of this weekend is to remember a great man who loved a good challenge just to finish it.  And you will see, as all of us who have been inspired by Ken have seen, that the feeling of completing these kinds of challenges are what Ken was all about.  Perpetual forward movement was always his advice.  Here is YOUR chance to experience that


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2012 Results:

  • 2012 Rat Snake Triathlon Results

    2012 Overall Race Results
    Place   Name           Time     City   State
     1 Toombs,  Keith     3:07:42  Oneonta    NY
     2 Davidson,  Mark    3:12:55  Laurens    NY
     3 Breier,   Kyle     3:16:21  Oneonta    NY
     4 Andrus,   Dustyn   3:18:51  Greene     NY
     5 Sherwood,  Brett   3:21:46  Morris     NY
     6 DuBois,   Corey    3:21:47  Unadilla   NY
     7 Siedsma,  Michael  3:24:28  Groton     CT
     8 Zeh,    Brad       3:38:23  ONEONTA    NY
     9 Bitterman,  Todd   3:39:31  Oneonta    NY
    10 Hollister, Charles 3:41:55  CooperstownNY
    11 Buel,    Kyle      3:43:51  Franklin   NY
    12 Mayer,   Trevor    3:50:20  Brewerton  NY
    13 Baskin,   Samuel   3:52:09  Oneonta    NY
    14 Brownell,  David   3:54:30  Oneonta    NY
    15 Sastic,    Joe     3:55:25  Oneonta    NY
    16 Coyle,   Michael   3:57:38  Oneonta    NY
    17 Siedsma, Kathryn   3:59:35  Groton     CT
    18 Mancuso,  Logan    4:06:39  Oneonta    NY
    19 Peterson,  John    4:14:30  Franklin   NY
    20 MacLachlan, Scott  4:20:04  Oneonta    NY
    21 Taylor,   Jackson  4:20:11  Vestal     NY
    22 Davis,    Bill     4:23:46  Oneonta    NY
    23 White,    Scott    4:24:23  Unadilla   NY
    24 Forbes,   Dan      4:34:00  Oneonta    NY
    25 Johnson,  Steve    4:49:23  Oneonta    NY
    26 Orgeron, Jean-Paul 5:14:24  Oneonta    NY
    27 Marvel,   Matthew  5:27:23  Oneonta    NY
    28 Betterley,  Eugene 5:39:46  Oneonta    NY
    29 Tewolde,  Kidane   5:43:13  Oneonta    NY
    30 Shastri,   Aki     5:43:14  Oneonta    NY

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