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Sprint Triathlons are also known to be the shortest triathlon events. They usually cover around a quarter of the normal course the other types of triathlons have. Sprint triathlon events usually involve a 0.5 mile swim, a 15 mile bike and 3-4 miles run. In comparison with an Ultra Triathlon, Sprint triathlons are quite the opposite since the first type of race (Ultra Triathlon) must necessarily involve up to 3.86 km of swimming, 180.25 km of cycling and finally a full marathon of running segment. On Trifind’s Sprint Traithlons section you have an immediate, advanced access to the details of every Sprint triathlon in your state. By simply scrolling down and selecting your desired location, you will get to know all such races along with their respective details.

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El Dorado, Kansas (North Main Park)
1 Mile Run/Walk :
Running : 1 Mile Run/Walk
Olathe, Kansas ()
Sprint Triathlon :
Triathlon : 500 Meter Swim,10.6 Mile Bike,3.1 Mile Run
Sprint Duathlon :
Duathlon : 1.5 Mile Run,10.6 Mile Bike,3.1 Mile Run
Olathe, Kansas (Kill Creek Park)
Kids Long Triathlon : Kids Race
Triathlon : 200 Meter Swim,4.8 Mile Bike,2 Mile Run
Kids Sprint Triathlon : Kids Race
Triathlon : 100 Meter Swim,3.2 Mile Bike,1 Mile Run
Kids Super Sprint Triathlon : Kids Race
Triathlon : 100 Meter Swim,1.6 Mile Bike,1 Mile Run
Kids Tots Triathlon : Kids Race
Triathlon : 25 Meter Swim,0.15 Mile Bike,0.20 Mile Run
3 Events Found (12 per page)