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Find a Beginner Triathlon Event in Alaska

Looking for the right race to start your triathlon career? These upcoming events are perfect for those new to triathlons who are looking for a positive debut in the popular multi-sporting Triathlon events arena. Trifind provides an up-to-date listing of upcoming events for the beginner triathlete. Search by state or event to find the perfect beginner triathlon race to get you started, and learn how to train for it, with this guide to beginner triathlons
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Sitka, Alaska (Blatchley Middle School)
Reverse Sprint Triathlon :
Triathlon : Run 5 Miles, Bike 14 Miles, Swim 1000 Yards
Youth Triathlon - (12 & under) :
Triathlon : Kids Triathlon
Palmer, Alaska (Palmer Pool)
Sprint Triathlon :
Triathlon : Swim 400 Yard, Bike 9.5 Miles, Run 3.1 Miles
Kids Triathlon : Kids Race
Triathlon : Distance Determined by Age

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