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swimming panic

Swim panic, and associated hyperventilation, is often experienced by both new triathletes and veteran triathletes in cold water. It’s a misnomer this is a concern limited to new triathletes. Dealing with triathlon swim panic is also why some experienced triathletes think twice before committing to cold-water events. Understanding the factors…

swimming lessons

  The USA Swimming Foundation every year helps swim lessons nationwide to offer free lessons. Especially focused on children who cannot otherwise afford it. This foundation has awarded more than 400,000$ only in 2016 through Make a Splash program grant.   Since 2007, USA Swimming Foundation has given more than…

shoulder surgery

  All swimmers can relate to different shoulder pains and aches. Especially the professional aquatic athletes. Shoulder’s surgeries are commonly suggested when one suffers from severe pains and stiffness in their shoulder joints. That is why; an interesting development is conducted by Dr Mike Greiwe. He is a United States…

pool water

  It doesn’t matter whether you’re searching for a place to have a little pool-time with your family, or, you’re a dedicated swimmer. You have the right to know if public pools are clean or not.  Despite how beneficial can swimming be, is important to know the risks posed by…


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