Coach Details

Tony Zamora
Oak Park, IL

Getting people healthy through endurance sports.  From beginners looking to rebuild and live their life in a healthier way by focusing on accomplishments through racing; to competitive athletes looking to drop seconds in their next race.

  • General fitness and weight loss.
  • 5k, 10k, half and full marathon.
  • Triathlon - all distances.
  • Off-road running, mountain biking and Xterra. 
  • Strength and conditioning programs for endurance athletes.

Tony Zamora has been racing triathlons and mountain bike races for the last 10 years. His racing experience has taken him from a junior racing sprint triathlons and mountain bike races and has grown to compete at the National and World levels.

Winning the National Mountain Bike Championships in Napa California and competing at the World Championships of Xterra Triathlon in Hawaii, Tony has learned to love, live and respect the endurance lifestyle.

While still training and racing full time, Tony is now dedicated to giving back to the sport while helping others get healthy and fast. Coaching and mentoring athletes from beginners to veterans, Coach Tony knows that having a strong support system can make a difference.