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Laura K Bruck Renzelman
Lifelong Endurance
Golden, CO
I work with athletes of all levels, from beginners to experienced athletes. I bring my education and experience as an athlete and work with my clients to create training plans that push them to reach their goals, but also take into account busy schedules and the individual needs of athletes.

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Fitness has been part of my life from an early age, from swim team as a kid, to cross country and track in high school and college, and triathlons as an adult. I have experienced both the physical and mental benefits of pushing my physical limits through sports. While I pursued a career as an art historian teaching and working in museums, I was training and competing on the side before making the full time shift to coaching. As an educator I focused on giving students and museum visitors the scaffolding and tools to better understand works of art, and as a coach I focus on giving athletes the stepping stones to reach their fitness goals.

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