Coach Details

David DaPrato
t3 tri coaching
Grand Rapids, MI

I offer personalized coaching and remote coaching. If you live close enough to meet with me, I charge more but I feel I am a bit more comprehensive with you in that case because I can also work on technique with you as well as workouts. Fees are $75/month for remote coaching which would be email, phone contact and bi-weekly workouts. $100/month for close contact coaching. 

I specialize in Olympic and Half Iron distance. I have a very strong swimming background as I swam in college. My biomechanical knowledge is far superior than most coaches due to my PT background. I have lots of experience with athletes both in the rehab and coaching areas. I am also quite strong with nutrition to supplement training and race day intake. 

I have been a triathlete for 11 years and completed 65 triathlons including all distances. I am the president of a triathlon team in West Michigan (T3 tri team), and I have tons of experience with racing, venues, training, gear, etc. I am also a licensed sports physical therapist, so I know what I am talking about when it comes to biomechanics and physiology. I can accept up to 8 clients at a time. I give personalized attention and personal contact info so that you can reach me at any time. And contrary to many coaches I know, I actually respond to your questions and thoughts quickly! 
I am working on my website, to hopefully be done by the end of 2011. I am ITCA certified which is in fact better than USAT cert. The course is much more extensive than what you get with USAT.