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Berto Luciano
The Active Ohana
Honolulu, HI
The Active Ohana was born with three core principles in mind. The first, to help busy families stay active and balanced in life. The second, to help time-crunched athletes find amazing success. We don't think you have to train 18 or more hours per week to still find success and accomplishment. Finally, even though many of these sports are individual training - athletes derive further success when training as an ohana (family). That is why we started The Active Ohana - to bring all your fitness and multi-sport coaching under one roof - just as you are trying to balance everything under yours! We offer coaching for individuals (youth & adults), as well as families of any size (couples, adults & kids, or the whole family).

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With a growing family of my own, I enjoy helping youth and junior athletes discover the sport and get connected. I believe the future of multisport comes from growth, & the more people that can experience everything the multisport world has to offer in a non-threatening way, the better!

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