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Barry Stokes
BarryS Coaching
Louisville, KY

I coach triathletes, runners, mountain bikers, mountain climbers. All training plans are posted on Training Peaks. All workouts have been written by me and are copy right protected. Living, Training & Coaching in Louisville KY I have an intimate understanding of Ironman Louisville course. Having biked and run the course for many years before Ironman Louisville came to town, I can offer a unique perspective to Ironman Louisville athletes. 
Run gait & Swim Stroke (above & below water) video analysis is done on an individual basis using video analysis software.

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After completing about 50 marathons, 7 IronMan triathlons including Korea and The IronMan World Championships in Kona Hawaii, a few dozen 1/2 IronMan & Olympic distance triathlons I decided pursue coaching certifications. Several years ago USAT Level I Certification was achieved. In 2010 USAT Level II Certification was added. In the spring of 2011 USAT Youth & Junior Certification was added. In 2009 a USAT&F Certification was added.
Aside from my own practical experiences in training and racing my strengths are supplying creative, focused and versatile training plans which are adapted to the athletes work and family life schedule; I possess excellent listening skills - the ability to hear what the athlete is telling me - I am then adept at putting this information and knowledge to use in the athlete's training plan on behalf of the athlete and his or her family. I am very empathetic and understanding of the demands placed on the athlete's family and support group and therefore very willing to arrange the athlete's training schedule to fit his or her life.
As a full time Coach I have the ability to respond quickly to athlete questions via e-mail, text or phone call.