Coach Details

Brett Sanson
Zuma Surf & Swim Training
Santa Monica, CA
  • Private & Small Group Ocean Swim Lessons
  • Large Group or Corporate Triathlon Team Ocean Swim Clinics
  • Private Lifeguard Service for established Ocean Swim Groups
  • Ocean Safety & Swimming Lessons for Kids and Families
  • Do you have a need not mentioned here? Call or email me to discuss!

I specialize in training beginner/intermediate triathletes for the ocean swim. I teach in Santa Monica, Malibu and other Los Angeles beaches.

If you happen to be competing in the Malibu Triathlon, I have spent years surfing and lifeguarding at Zuma Beach, so naturally my specialty is the ocean swim leg of Malibu Triathlon. Zuma has some of the most powerful waves and rip currents in Los Angeles County so if you happen to have a race on a big surf day, I will prepare you for the hazardous (but exciting!) conditions you will encounter.

Brett has over 20 years of surfing and ocean experience. He has been an Ocean Lifeguard in Malibu for 13 years and is a certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).  Brett translates his years of lifeguarding, ocean swimming and surfing experience to help beginner/intermediate triathletes overcome the challenges of ocean swimming and gain confidence in ocean. His innate sense of the waves, currents & ocean conditions is unique and he will help you learn how to swim with the ocean and not constantly fight it!  With experience as a Junior Lifeguard Instructor, he teaches people with ease and is always focused on a safe, fun, and educational experience for everyone.