Coach Details

Sharon Johnson
Andover MA, MA

Coaching utilizing training peaks for communicating plans and progress on 4 week basis for triathletes, runners, cyclists, and swimmers.
Semi-custom plans for all race distances.
Periodized strength workouts to compliment sport specific training.
Computrainer Training Center and Coached Workouts
Outdoor Cycling Coached Workouts
Open Water Swim Workouts, Pool Swim
Private and small group sessions: Bike/Swim/Run Technique Spin Scan Analysis for Cycling
     Strength Training
LT Testing

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-Level 2 Certified USAT Coach, started triathlon Triathlons 25 years ago.
-Member of Team USA and All American.
I love coaching athletes of all levels. I've had a great deal of success and satisfaction sharing my passion for the sport with beginner participants, as well as helping elite triathletes qualify for national teams. I developed an 8 unit computrainer center in Andover Mass to give athletes to opportunity to cycle year round. I coach track for the area running club of 500+ memebers. I run/coach swim workouts, clinics, technique seminars for triathletes of all levels. Live, work and train in New England which I love for the varied terrain and climate. I am a firm believer that great technique and a strong strength base is required to handle the demands we place on our bodies to meet our training and racing goals. Keep workouts fun and creative to enjoy the road to success.
Contact Info: [email protected]