Coach Details

Sandy Holt
Tallahassee, FL
TRIATTIC provides personalized training plans, 1-on-1 coaching services, group training sessions, clinics, and team events. Please email [email protected] for a detailed list of services.
TRIATTIC enjoys coaching all levels of athletes from beginners to Ironman athletes. Whether you are training for your first triathlon or running a marathon TRIATTIC will help you reach your goals.
Coach Sandy Holt has been competing in triathlons for over seven years. She has completed 50+ triathlons ranging from Sprint to Ironman events, off-road Xterra to long distance Adventure races. She has finished four Ironman events and seven 70.3 Ironman events including two 70.3 Ironman World Championships in Clearwater, FL. Sandy is a certified USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach and a top Age Group athlete. Throughout her time as an athlete, Sandy has gained significant advances in her triathlon abilities and has a passion and drive for further development. She hopes to help others achieve their own personal and athleteic goals by applying her experience, knowledge and dedication to triathlon. She develops programs based on individual physiology and according to her clients individual experience, needs, goals and lifestyle requirements.


    4 time Ironman Finisher - PR 11:32
    2 time Ironman 70.3 World Championship Finisher 
    7 time 70.3 Ironman Finisher - PR 5:02

Assistant Coach Charlie Johnson has been involved in sports his whole life. His first road race was at the age of 6 and he has been hooked ever since. He participated in a range of sports through his youth including track, cross country, swimming, handball, soccer, football, basketball and baseball. He competed in his first triathlon in 2008 and has since completed triathlons ranging from sprint to Ironman distance. He was involved in competitive swimming from the age of 7 to 13. He has run throughout his life. Distance running is his specialty, and this is where most of his experience lies. Teaching what he knows and learning new ideas from others are two of Charlies highest priorities. There is always something new (and old) to learn and it is better to share what you already know with others than keep it to yourself.


4:25 2010 70.3 World Championship 
    2:42 Marathon PR (Tallahassee 2008)  
    9:41 Ironman PR (Florida 2010)
    16:31 5K PR (Palace Saloon 5K 2011) 
2:48 2006 Boston Marathon