Coach Details

Ryan Taylor
RCT Athletics
Columbus, OH
  • Create training plans for running, swimming, and triathlon.
  • Analyze and improve your swimming stroke and running form
  • Give tips about nutrition and race refueling
  • Assist with strength training, a frequently under-appreciated element of endurance athletics

I incorporate training biometrics, but they aren't required.

Any training plan is a process, and I always try to provide not just training instruction but also to help athletes understand the purpose behind each workout, activity, and statistic.

TrainingPeaks is my favorite way to create personalized plans, track progress, and review the statistics and data from workouts.

Together, we can create a road map to your goals. Get in touch with me today!

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My name is Ryan Taylor. After swimming competitively for 13 years, I began my coaching career working with swimmers at both the college and age group levels. Looking for new athletic challenges for myself, I took up running and then triathlon.

My coaching experience ranges from aspiring NCAA qualifiers to age group swimmers. I’ve also worked with adults just learning to swim and with experienced competitors looking to sharpen their edge. I can help you take what many triathletes view as the hardest part of their race and turn it into an advantage.

While my first athletic love will always be swimming, I began to broaden my horizons in 2016 with my first individual triathlon. Applying the knowledge of training cycles, energy systems, and physiology gained from a lifetime of swimming, I started running. I completed my first half marathons in 2017 and completed the Pittsburgh Marathon in 2019, which was also the year I first joined USA Triathlon.

I plan to continue pushing both myself and others to the highest levels of athletic achievement in the coming seasons!