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Coach Tony DeDominicis
Universal Triathlon Coach (Universal Sports Group LLC)
Bradenton / Sarasota, FL

Universal Triathlon Coaching Services

  • Personalized triathlon coaching session. ($75 hr)
  • Tailored monthly triathlon coaching which include coach-led trainings. ($600 mth)
  • Online monthly triathlon coaching plans. ($295 mth)
  • Beginner triathlon coaching package. ($ tbd)
  • Beginner triathlon training bike rental. ($ tbd)
  • Half Ironman accomplishment coaching package. ($ tbd)
  • Full Ironman accomplishment coaching package. ($ tbd)
  • Race strategy planning and consulting. ($ tbd) [free to monthly clients]
  • Specialized Clydesdale Triathlete Training & Nutrition Program. ($ tbd)
  • Specialized triathlete tendon/ligament/muscle strength training session. ($75 hr)  [free to monthly clients]
  • Specialized core training for swimming session. ($75 hr)   [free to monthly clients]
  • Lactate testing. ($295)
  • Power/watts meter testing. ($125)
  • Heart rate zone analysis. ($75)
  • Hydration testing and assessment. ($150)
  • Swim Bike Run assessment. ($ tbd)
  • Nutrition evaluation and consulting. ($ tbd)
  • Swim evaluation and coaching. ($ tbd)
  • Bike evaluation and coaching. ($ tbd)
  • Run evaluation and coaching. ($ tbd))
  • Full body index evaluation including body measurements. ($75)
  • Sports injury body taping. ($ tbd)
  • Bike fitting. ($99)
  • Personalized triathlon equipment/gear athlete needs consulting. ($ tbd) [free to monthly clients]
  • Discount liaison for triathlon equipment/gear purchases. ($ tbd)    [free to monthly clients]
  • Group Tri trainings & Tri Clinics. ($ tbd)
  • Tailored group triathlon training programs for organizations and corporate businesses. ($ tbd)
  • Seminar Speaking. ($ tbd)

Fully insured, All training is conducted in a 5000sq foot state of the art private fitness facility and at designated outside triathlon training hub locations.

All prices marked ($ tbd) are to be determined after contact and  are personally tailored to meet the individual clients needs and budget.

To discuss prices and scheduling please click on the contact page to contact us for a phone consult or personal appointment.

Athletes who handle their training or competing casually.......

Are destined to become casualties!
Tony DeDominicis


Dont Become A Casualty!

Train With Coach Tony And Get The Triathlon Coaching You Need Today

To Become Your Best For Tomorrow!

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Coach Tony DeDominicis
(USMS World Ranked Swimmer & World Ranked Clydesdale Triathlete)

Tony DeDominicis is founder of Universal Tri Coach and Universal Fitness.   Coach Tony is an independent triathlon coach and certified fitness professional in private practice and conducts coaching and training in a 5000 square foot state of the art private fitness facility.  For over 20 years Coach Tony has compiled a tremendous amount of information and experience in the health fitness and sports arena in the united states as well as internationally.

It has been my privilege to have had the opportunity to teach people young and old from all backgrounds of life the great sport of triathlon.  The sport of triathlon (swim bike run) has become the fastest growing sport world wide.  Teaching people to train and compete in the sport of triathlon is very exhilarating and rewarding to me as a coach.

I get such great joy from watching a person that I have coached develop, improve or succeed at difficult physical goals in their life, like the completion of a swim bike or run exercise not previously attained.  Sometimes this has included teaching someone an activity theyve never even done before, like teaching someone to swim when they were previously deathly afraid to enter the water because of a near drowning experience as a child.  There is something highly special for me about coaching someone through the achievement of competing in ones first triathlon and even more so coaching someone to the successful completion and accomplishment of Ironman which is the most difficult physical challenge on the planet.

As a triathlon coach I work diligently to provide the best possible coaching to my athletes through cutting edge and diverse training methodologies.  My abilities as a coach come not only from many years of experience as a fitness professional but also from being a competitive athlete myself.  I am an Ironman Clydesdale Triathlete and United States Masters Swimmer.  For those that dont know what a Clydesdale triathlete is; a Clydesdale triathlete is an athlete of body builder physique weighing 200 pounds an above. To date, I am a World Ranked Olympic Distance Clydesdale Triathlete.  I am also to date a Nationally Ranked USMS Swimmer in the pool and also for distance swimming in the open water.  In my own home environment in Sarasota Florida, as an athlete and coach, I am well known as my picture has been posted in some local establishments.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced triathlete, I would love to have the opportunity of coaching you into discovering and or improving upon your extraordinary talents and skills as an athlete so you can fulfill being your best.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Coach Tony