Coach Details

Eric Abbott
AbbottRacing LLC
, IL
  1. An annual training plan taking into account your A, B, and C races.

  2. A premium Training Peaks account.

  3. Discounted laboratory performance testing twice annually

  4. Customized workouts uploaded into a personalized Training Peaks Premium account.

  5. Race strategy and nutrition support.

  6. Weekly workout modifications as needed.

  7. Weekly feedback and check-ins.

  8. Unlimited email/text/phone contact.

  9. In-person check-in and bike tune-up prior to A races for local athletes (2x annually).

  10. Assistance with gear selection.

I coach with a primary focus on race day performance and achieving big goals. Where most coaches will offer a custom-tailored plan to fit your life, I offer custom-tailored plans to fit your dreams. I coach you and treat you like the athlete you want to be and not the athlete you currently are. I specialize in age group athletes that are transitioning out of the “participation” category and are looking to challenge themselves. You want to go to Kona, 70.3 Worlds, or have some ambitious goal you don’t think is possible? Come work with me and you will see just what you are capable of.

I was once an aspiring age group athlete and I wanted someone to help me develop. I had big dreams and even bigger aspirations. I didn’t want to be treated like every other age group athlete. I wanted a coach who would treat me like the athlete I wanted to be and not the athlete I was. As I shopped around for coaches or online training plans everyone seemed to be talking about “playing it safe” but I didn’t want to play it safe. I wanted to work with someone who would give me the kind of guidance and coaching required to reach those goals. Everywhere I looked I saw coaches talking about getting to Kona on 10 hours a week, or how to bike 3 hours for a 70.3 but no one was talking about far more ambitious goals. After over a decade of climbing the multisport ladder, learning from the best, and accomplishing my goals, I decided it was time to start AbbottRacing to fill that gap in the coaching market. I train athletes not as they are but as who they want to be.