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John Slocum
Bradenton, FL offers local and online personalized training including

101 In Person training for the beginner

Video reviewed Swim, Bike or Running analysis with detailed reviews (4 videos over 1 month)

Ongoing full time lifestye training where the race is only a prize along the way.

Single race individualized training.

Prepackaged 5K to Ironman plans


I believe in that the beginner and intermediate level athlete is just as much an athlete as the best athletes in the world and deserve the best coaching at reasonable pricing.

I believe that each athlete deserves personalized training systems and not "cookie cutter" programs.

I believe that this coaching should integrate a Nutrition, Hydration and Exercise systems that allow for gradual buildup, with minimal soreness, injury or fatigue...after all well all have to go to work the next day. 

My name is John Slocum and am a USAT Certified Level 1 Coach. Raised in a sports oriented household I began swimming at 4 and competitive swimming at 8. I played all the major sports and was competitive in softball all the way to national tournament level. Stick and ball sports were not my "thing" and I took up racing Motocross and eventually Drag Racing where I had a sucessfull 15 year career scoring multiple victories.

I always loved watching the Ironman World Championships on TV but at 239 pounds I thought I could never do that...and I couldnt...I was over weight and out of shape. This is when I saw "The Biggest Loser" Triathlon  and found out there are shorter distances for triathlon, running and cycling events. I found a very short beginner Sprint Tri 3 months away, borrowed a bike, and started training. I found out I could bike about 1.5 miles and run half way around the block. I wish there was a beginner coach but there wasnt. I completed the race with a mid pack finish but they announced "John Slocum you are a Triathlete". I remember that announcement like it was yesterday. Fast forward to now and I have competed in well over 100 triathlons, running races, century rides and have many Age Group wins, 2 Ironman finishes and 4 years after finishing mid pack in my 1st race I want back and won it overall.