Coach Details

Christopher Bright
Lynchburg, VA

Chris holds the belief that the athletic journey, characterized by a focus on the present and the process, is a powerful driver of development.  Chris’ coaching strategy includes the application of best practices based in science, blended with the reality that every athlete is different, and training plans require continuous review and modification.  The particulars of his service includes: 

  • Custom program delivered in five-week blocks.
  • Monthly phone consultation and bi-weekly email access.
  • Online training log included.
  • Standard weight training program.
  • Initial consultation to determine season goals and race plan for two main racing peaks.
  • Race strategy development, such as race nutritional plan, pacing, warm up plan, and equipment suggestion.
  • Development of heart rate training zones with field tests.
  • Discount on VO2 Max/Lactate threshold testing.
  • Monthly fee of $100 with a $125 start up fee.

Chris works with all levels of runner and multisport athlete, from new to advanced. 

As a coach, Chris has guided multisport athletes and runners for over a decade, including Ironman 70.3 World Championship and ITU Triathlon World Championship qualifiers, Team USA members, ultramarathoners, and individuals new to the training and racing lifestyle.  A competitive triathlete for over 25 years, Chris has accumulated a wealth of competitive multisport experience, representing Team USA at the ITU Triathlon World Championships on two occasions.