Coach Details

Jason Burdge
Nor-Cal Juniors MultiSport
Novato, CA

Youth triathlon training in a team environment through team Nor-Cal Juniors MultiSport or on a private basis.

Team membership is $50 a year per athletes, and $15 per training.  Seasonal specials available.

Pre-built, custom and group programs in:

  • Walking
  • Walk to run
  • Running
  • Triahtlon
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Mt. Climbing
  • General Fitness

Jason is a USAT Youth & Junior Triathlon Certified Coach, specializing in athletes ages 7 - 18.

His training philosophy focuses on educating new and developing athletes on how to become healthy, and accomplish their athletic goals without sacrificing their long-term health.

Jason is a Level I USAT Coach with additional certification as a USAT Youth & Junior Coach.

He has started Nor-Cal Juniors MultiSport, a youth & juniors triathlon training team in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Head coach Jason, has been participating in triathlons, mt. climbing, and distance cycling and running events for over a decade.  He spent most of his younger years not involved in athletics and understands completely what it is like to be a beginner, and to have to learn the basic principles from scratch.  His experiences range from running his first 3 mile event to completing Ironman distance triathlons, and multi-day cycling events.

His focus on developing athletes comes from the challenges he has personally experienced.  He strives reduce those the challenges for other athletes.