Coach Details

Deanna Pomfret
Athletic Pursuits LLC
North Andover, MA

Athletic Pursuits LLC provides athlete centered coaching to people from all backgrounds and experiences. We offer services such as video analysis swim clinics, writing training plans, personal coaching, daily and sports nutrition workshops, strength workshops, run, open water swim and triathlon workouts.

We like to partner with other coaching organizations and establishments and team up to offer the most comprehensive services to athletes possible. 

We provide remote support and in person sessions to individual and groups of athletes. We also create and deliver population specific health and fitness programs to organizations.

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Deanna Pomfret M.S. 

Deanna has coached fitness enthusiasts, runners, swimmers and triathletes since 2005.  She has a Master’s of Science in Health and Wellness and is a research fellow in sports nutrition. She is a USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach, Road Runners Club of America Certified Running Coach, Certified Functional Strength Coach, US Master’s Level III swim coach, and Principal of Athletic Pursuits LLC. 

Deanna helps adults with personalized coaching and training for general health and wellness and for special events like triathlons, marathons and anything her athletes dream up. She works with athletes to implement positive lifestyle changes, helps them learn new athletic and sports related skills and builds athlete-focused, periodized and progressive training plans and group training programs. 

Deanna also presents for various clubs, hospitals and symposiums on the science and art of training and coaching. She is a freelance writer for USA Triathlon and a regular contributor to their e-newsletter. She blogs about general health and wellness, training and living with autoimmune disease.

Before becoming a coach Deanna worked in the work life industry as an operations analyst. Creating holistic programs for health and wellness has always been a part of her passion and profession.