Coach Details

Dustin Drewes
4th Dimension Fitness
Hammond, LA

Dustin’s career in cycling started with him racing as a junior in 2008 for the New Orleans Bicycle Club right after graduating high school. From there he fell in love with the sport of cycling due to its fierce competition, complex strategies, and the comradery of racing with teammates and friendly rivals. After his first season, he went on to Louisiana State University where he is credited with revitalizing the LSU Cycling team and represented LSU in collegiate racing. There he learned more about the science of exercise while gaining first-hand experience by continuing to train and race for LSU.

Dustin has a strong scientific background which comes from his study of kinesiology but also from his experience working in multiple laboratories within the Pennington Biomedical Research Center which includes preventative medicine, skeletal muscle physiology, and human metabolism. This experience in the world of scientific research has greatly deepened his understanding of how the body works at the smallest of scales.

His coaching career began with an internship at 4th Dimension Fitness where he worked and studied under William Jones and learned the practice of endurance coaching. During this time, he took up triathlon as a second major sport and has competed in several races ranging from sprint distance to long-course races. He has coached a multitude of endurance athletes of all ages, backgrounds, and ability. As a coach, he challenges himself to bring his scientific background and racing experience to the forefront of his coaching services to offer a well-balanced program to his athletes.


Dustin holds the following certifications/positions

B.S. Kinesiology [Fitness Studies], Louisiana State University

M.S Kinesiology [Exercise Physiology], Louisiana State University

USAC Level 3 Coach

Head Coach, Tulane University Cycling Association

Kinesiology Instructor, Southeastern Louisiana University