Coach Details

Doug Morris
Palm Trees Ahead, LLC
Geneva (greater Chicago area), IL
  • Personalized Coaching
  • 16 Point Proprietary Bonds of Performance Assessment
  • Customized Workout schedules by day and discipline
  • Workout feedback
  • Race Preview with Specific Advice
  • Race feedback
  • Text/e-mail communication
  • Phone communication
  • Jointly Developed Journey
  • Metric Scorecard of Journey Progression
  • Weekend “Transition to Winner” Post
  • A Tri’s Journey’s Journal
  • Daily Confidence Boost push-out
  • Membership Waived for Tri50States
  • Tri50States Race Planner
  • Membership Waived for Tri6Continents
  • Tri6Continents Race Planner
  • Seminars -- Complimentary Admission
  • Work review feedback
  • Life review feedback
  • Connectors’ Corner
  • Access to Master Mind Groups

Coaching style for triathltetes and runners at Palm Trees Ahead:

  • Share awareness of learning curve commonalities across the Matrix

  • Emphasis that everyone in the Palm Trees Ahead community contributes

  • Tweak coaching to change outcomes

  • Instill subtle sense of urgency for planning, progress, and achievements

  • Measure ~ feedback ~ adjust ~ repeat

  • Motivate against the cycle

  • Celebrate successes

Doug Morris is a coach, businessperson, and author. He lives in the Chicago area. Through parenting his kids, business experience and his racing career he learned how to overcome adversity to achieve goals. Doug raced in triathlons in all 50 states and all over the world. He developed a keen understanding of diversity in cultures, climates, and nationalities while living and working in the tropics, desert, near rain forests, beaches, grain belts in the northwest, west, southwest, midwest, the northern tier of the United States, and in southeast Asia. Along his journey he continues to meet wonderful people throughout the US and the world. His life’s ambition is to guide you in defining quests to reach maximum potential in sport, business, and life; working himself out of a coaching position as you succeed on a unique journey creating a lifetime of amazing accomplishments and memories.