Coach Details

Michael Gordon
The Sustainable Athlete
Portland, ME

Coach Gordon’s athletes include Ironman athletes (Kona Qualifiers), marathoners, ultra-runners, ultra distance mtn bikers, road and cyclocross racers, Collegiate XC athletes (Whitman College) and every ability in between!  Michael has recently re-located to the northeast, moving with his family from the Pacific Northwest to Maine in the summer of 2016.  He can be seen competing on the roads and trails around Portland and throughout New England.

Coach Michael Gordon has raced all over North America with many of the top triathletes in the world.  During his time racing professionally he studied the habits and methods of other coaches and athletes, learning what it really takes to enhance performance for athletes of all abilities.  Michael is well versed in studying cycling power files, heart rate analysis, structuring training plans, strength training/ flexibility, diet, mental preparation, and of course, learning to rest!

Athletic Experience/Accomplishments:

  • 2nd Overall IM CdA, 2006
  • 3rd Overall ITU Pan-American Long Course Pro Championships (2006)
  • 2x Top 15 Pro Finish Wildflower Half IM
  • 7x IM Finisher including Hawaii World Championships
  • Ironman PR: 9:05 (IM Canada, 2008)
  • Half-Ironman PR: 4:02 (Troika Half IM, 2008), 1:17 run split off the bike
  • Run PR’s (set in last 12 months, age 39):  2 mile – 9:46;  5km – 15:48 (road);  10km – 33:40 (road); Marathon – 2:39