Coach Details

Kevin T. Millerick
SwimTech LLC
Caslte Rock, CO

At SwimTech we teach triathletes to swim WELL. Swimming is by far the most difficult leg of the race for most triathletes. It's easy to have a very long day if your swim - and swim training - don't go well. Why would you want someone with a run or bike background to teach you how to swim correctly? I don't know either, but that's what most triathletes do. Does your tri coach really UNDERSTAND swimming or are they just pretty good at doing it for their races? Maybe they're fast swimmers, too, but so what? Even tri coaches with a swimming background don't necessarily GET swimming. We don't know beans about biking or running, but we KNOW swimming & what it takes for a triathlete to not only be energy-efficient, but to go fast when the time comes. That combination of efficiency & on-demand speed is exactly what will set you up for your most successful race.
You'll also get more out of your swim training time & enjoy it more. We guarantee it... 100%!

We offer one-to-one instruction at our Endless Pool swim studio & local pools we coach in.
We also conduct Total Immersion Swimming workshops in Denver & across the country.

We'll help you prepare for any distance from Sprint to Ironman. First we'll teach you how to swim correctly with great technique & efficiency. Next we'll help you figure out how to swim longer so you know you can "go the distance". Last, if you want, we'll teach you how to swim as fast as you want to go.

I've been a Total Immersion instructor since 1999. During that time I've assisted at, or directed, over 200 TI workshops of all kinds including Weekend Freestyle Workshops, Kid's Camps, 4 Stroke Workshops and Teacher Training Workshops. From 2002-2007 I was Head
Coach/Managing Director of Total Immersion in the UK.

Since moving back to the States in early 2007, I've operated SwimTech, a swim instruction company located in Castle Rock, CO. I currently coach the Castle Rock masters swim team, Rocky Mountain Storm age group team, the Castle Pines Storm & Castle Crocs summer teams. I also swim regularly, competing in masters events.
At SwimTech, in our Total Immersion swim studio, we have a dual-current Endless Pool & are able to teach every age & ability of swimmer. Along with my wife, Sarah, also a TI instructor for over 10 yrs., we have over 25 yrs. of swim instruction experience. We offer private, semi-private & group instruction in our pool. Come for an hour, the whole day or an entire weekend depending on how much time you have & how much you'd like to learn! The Endless Pool is the ideal environment for accelerated learning due to the warm water, cozy surroundings & accessiblility of the swimmer for personal, hands-on instruction. Whether you're a parent with a baby looking for water confidence or a serious competitive swimmer or triathlete, our staff of experienced instructors can help you swim smarter, better & faster than you ever thought possible. We guarantee it!