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Josh Mohr
Kinetic Multisport
Chicago, IL

Kinetic Multisport: Coaching and Consulting Services 

Custom Training Programs:

  • Level 1: $80/mo
  • Level 2: $100/mo
  • Level 3: $150/mo
  • Level 4: $200/mo

**Full Season Package Discounts Available**

1 on 1 Coaching

  • Swim (1hr): $80/hr
  • Cycling (1hr): $50/hr
  • Run (1hr): $50/hr
  • T1/T1 Training (1hr): $50/hr

Prebuilt Training Programs: Range from $30/ea to $60/ea

Bike Fitting

Training Camps

**Email and Phone Support Available With All Services**

Kinetic Multisport can create Custom Training Programs for any distance of triathlon or road racing. We also provide "Pre-Built" Training Programs for athletes who wish to manage their training on an individaul basis rather than with a coach.

As a former college wrestler turned triathlete, I have always enjoyed the spirit of competition but never felt the camaraderie among competitors like in the sport of Triathlon.

As an athlete I have competed in every "sane" distance of triathlon, ranging from Sprint to Ironman (no double or triple Ironmans in my future unfortunately).

As a coach, I am a USA Triathlon Level 1 Certified Coach and have founded Kinetic Multisport to help create custom training programs for athletes as well as help guide athletes to completing their goals through training program consultation and 1 on 1 personal training.