Coach Details

Michael Lovegren
Kinetic Loop Training System LLC
Lakewood, CA

Whether you are looking to finish your first event or to achieve the next level of excellence in cycling, running or triathlon, we can help guide you to become the best athlete you can be. 

We believe in individual attention for our athletes therefore we do not prepackage training plans. Our endurance coaching combines scientific training principals with an athletes unique makeup and life schedule to create a training plan that fits your life.  

Professional Endurance Coaching

Kinetic Loop Training System delivers high quality endurance coaching in the fields of cycling, running, mountain biking, track cycling, multi-sports, and triathlon performance.  Our unique coaching style is based on science, skills, techniques and cutting edge research to empower your inner athlete.  Each customized training program, allows the athlete to focus on streamlining their efforts to attain maximized results.

Outdated sports training programs are a thing of the past.  Relying on old ways can only slow you down and even put you at risk for injury.  The latest sports skill building, progressions and winning techniques set our athletes apart from the rest of the pack.  Improvements can be seen quickly in speed, power, and endurance.  Every second counts so get in the loop with Kinetic Loop Training System endurance coaching and maximize your performance!

Coaching With Power!!

Interested in training with wattage on the bike?  Kinetic Loop is an authorized PowerTap and SRM dealer, we can explain how to best integrate a power meter into your training.

Michael has over 15 years experience in the field of exercise science. As a gifted performance coach he has helped athletes and life athletes achieve their goals. He has dedicated the majority of his life studying athletic excellence and combines physiological assessments, functional training, cutting edge technologies with a motivational program and plan that rapidly enhances athletes hard work and training. He personally researches new ideas and technologies that promote athletic performance.

Michael has been cycling, running, and swimming for over 25 years. His passion for cycling started when he was a kid on his Torker BMX bike racing and building the next new jump for his next trick. As a kid he would practice jumping off his house into his swimming pool. " I always loved pushing the envelope trying to learn a new trick along the way. I guess I watched the RAD movie too many times as a kid. As an athlete I learned a lot on how to push the envelope and mask my pain. As a coach I learned that teaching these techniques is the hardest thing to teach. Not everyone knows how to mask their pain."

Michael has been racing competitive road racing and triathlons since 1998. After his tour of duty in the USMC he started to look for his next challenge. Entering into several different triathlon events from sprint to half Ironman. During that year he was asked by his friends and teams to race on the road. His first year of racing he went from a Cat 5 to Cat 3. The following year he raced Cat 3 and learned a lot by be mentored by various coaches. He finished up his racing career as a Cat 2 with enough points to upgrade to a Cat 1 but decided to focus on college and his passion for coaching. He was mentored in the field of coaching and biomechanics by elite professors and cycling coaches. He also served in the U.S. Marine Corps and became an elite swimmer and runner.