Coach Details

Ron Saetermoe
Triathica Triathlon Training Center
Lake Forest, CA
Triathica Academy specializes in triathlon coaching, nutritional guidance, strength training, and networking with fellow triathletes. All these attributes will take your triathlon performance and enjoyment levels to new heights. Whether you are a veteran of the sport, or interested in triathlon but have never tried it, Triathica Academy has something to offer you.
Ron has been competing in the sport of triathlon since 1983. Hes a top age-grouper and his passion for the sport is off the charts. Ron is an established Orange County entrepreneur who brings extensive knowledge about the sport of triathlon and business to Triathica Academy. A highly competitive endurance athlete himself, Ron has over 20 years of triathlon experience. Ron is a USAT certified triathlon coach and works with athletes ranging from endurance sports beginners and recreational competitors to developing elite athletes and long time veterans of the sport looking for that extra edge that comes with the highest quality of specialized coaching.