Coach Details

Leo Jenkins
Tri-Yoga Endurance
Golden, CO
We have a fully functional Crossfit Endurance gym, Yoga studio, Physical & massage therapist, and Multi-rider Computrainer lab on location 

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Leo Jenkins is a certified USA Triathlon coach, Crossfit certified trainer, Crossfit Endurance certified trainer, and certified sports nutritionist.  Leo has acted as strength and conditioning coach for The Purdue Triathlon team, F3 MMA team, Centennial wrestling team, and boot camp team training.  He is one of Valdora Cycles "Preferred coaches"  In addition to this, Leo served as a U.S. Army Ranger medic through four deployments in support of the global war on terrorism.  He specializes in bio mechanical efficiency, and is obsessed with getting every ounce of performance out of each and every one of his athletes!