Coach Details

Dale Sanford
BPC Performance Systems
Memphis, TN
I personally specialize in biomechanics, especially on the run. I love taking a self proclaimed "horrible runner" and turning them into a competitive and pain free athlete with a sharp focus on technique, strength, and proper progression and recovery.

The BPC coaches train athletes of all sports and all distances. Whether you are looking for a first time finish, a PR, or a championship win, we have you covered!
I am a USAT Certified Coach, as well as a licensed USAC, USATF, and USAW performance coach. I have 8+ years experience in the field of human performance. I enjoy working with athletes of all experience levels and take a very scientific and research based approach to training. My coaches and I can customize a training program for any sport, distance, or goal and we continue to train and race ourselves because it is our passion. For more information, visit