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Wayne Robinson
Robinson's Strength and Endurance Coaching
Tiffin, OH

I offer monthly coaching plans, catering to triathletes and single sport athletes (cyclists or runners) alike, from true beginners to advanced competitors, who are looking for guidance and an objective eye to help them achieve their athletic goals and personal excellence. My coaching packages start with a minimum three month commitment and I am only interested in taking on honest, self-motivated, no-excuse individuals who are ready to put in the hard work required for athletic improvement and personal excellence. Payment for the first 1 month block of training must be received before the training plan is sent to the athlete. Once purchased and setup, individual training plans and details of the program will be delivered and workout interaction made via Training Peaks, Strava or Garmin Connect. Yearly and biannual plans are available upon request and at a discount.

Ideally, you need multiple years of smart, consistent work (training + recovery) to realize the improvements in fitness and positive physiologic adaptations, however three months is a good starting point to see that you are off to a good start in making the progress that you would like toward your athletic and fitness goals.

My coaching plans are unique and customized to each client, reflecting your unique needs as both an athlete and also a working individual with your own demanding life. I will work with both local athletes, and also out of area clients over email and the phone.

There is email contact included in my coaching packages, and once a week calls for a more in depth review are set based on a mutually convenient schedule. Frequent feedback from athletes is necessary and expected to make sure that the plan is working and you are getting closer to reaching your goals!

If interested or would like more information please contact me at [email protected]

You can get started on your journey to more successful race outcomes and better fitness by contacting me through the link below. Also, if you would like to speed up the process even more, please feel free to download and complete the athlete questionnaire and return this to me via email. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

[email protected]