Coach Details

Bill Gleason
Training Bible Coaching
San Diego, CA
I coach all levels of triathletes at all race distances.
I specialize in individual instruction in swimming for triathletes, open water in particular. I do this as one part of a comprehensive approach to coaching my athletes.  I also specialize in analying run technique and using drills to make traithletes more efficient runners.  I also specialize in teaching proper time-trialing training, strategies and methods.
I am USAT Certified Triathlon Coach, and I have successfully coached athletes to personal bests in every distance from Sprints to Ironman.  I am also an experienced triathlete, now in my 8th season, who practices what I teach.  I have reached the the top ranks of Age Group competition, with several wins at local and regional races, and I made to The National Championships in 2010 in Tuscaloosa, Al.  Now, I work under Joe Friel with Training Bible Coaching, as an Elite Level Training Bible Coach. I also started my own Coaching Business,, prior to joining Training Bible.

If you a triathlete that is serious about your sport, are motivated to get faster and, and loves triathlon, I want to work with you. Why? Because I will make you faster, plain and simple.