Coach Details

Jen Tallman
ATP Endurance Systems
Alexandria, VA
ATP Endurance Systems offers individualized, periodized training programs for all levels of athlete.  We provide training plans for mulitsport and single sport events.

We also offer custom bicycle fitting on the Veritas Fit System, which measures your power output and  pedal stroke efficiency in a given position in real time to provide the fit of a custom bicycle on your existing bike or a new bike off the rack.
ATP Endurance Systems specializes in training all levels of athletes for triathlon, duathlon and running events.  We have experience working with athletes challenged by chronic illness.  We also specialize in coaching women.
ATP Endurance Systems was founded in 2009 by USAT Certified Level 1 Coach, Jen Tallman.  Jen entered the multisport world in 2006 when she began training with her eye on Ironman in 2008.  Her interest in endurance sports was ignited when she was diagnosed with an incurable and debilitating autoimmune disease.

With multiple Ironman and marathon finishes under her belt, Jen coaches others to their athletic goals.  Whether you have your eye on an age group win or are just looking to get across a finish line, Jen can help you get there.

She has experience working with athletes who are challenged by chronic illness.

Jen is certified by USAT and is a bike fit specialist trained by Veritas Fit Systems.