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Krista Schultz
Boulder, CO
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Endurance sports are your passion. It’s what you do.

Training endurance athletes is our passion. It’s what we do.

Founded by coaches and elite triathletes  David Glover and Krista Schultz, ENDURANCEWORKS, LLC offers triathlon coaching and training plans plus a ton of free resources designed to provide you the expertise and resources you need to achieve your excellence in triathlon...beyond what you knew you could do.

Have a specific challenge but don't want a long-term coaching relationship?
We also offer consulting on an hourly basis to help you with challenge(s) such as creating a pre-race plan, planning your triathlon season or dialing in race day nutrition.

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Krista and her bikeElite triathlete and triathlon coach Krista Schultz has her BS and MEd in Exercise Physiology and is certified by NSCA (CSCS and CPT), USA Weightlifting, USA Triathlon and USA Cycling. 

As a coach and exercise physiologist specializing in endurance sports testing including blood lactate, VO2 max and resting metabolic rate (RMR), Krista interacts with hundreds athletes each year.  She regularly speaks at camps and seminars and is a co-founder of the She Does Tri Camps for Women.

As an elite-level amateur triathlete, Krista has qualified and competed in the Ironman Hawaii World Championship and represented the state of Maryland for the Best of the U.S. Championship from 2006-2008 while achieving USA Triathlon All-American status four times.  She also competed in the Duathlon World Championship in 2006.

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