Coach Details

Silver Jade Deutch
Miami Tri-umph Coachinng
Miami, FL
A sample program might include the following:

Step 1:
A face-to-face interview where we will assess your current fitness level and discuss your athletic goals.
You should come prepared with a current work schedule so that we can determine when is best for you to integrate training sessions.
  • Is there a particular race you would like to train for? 
  • Do you just want to improve your overall fitness?
  • Do you wish to work on your technique in a specific discipline?
Step 2:
Three training sessions (1 session per discipline) for Triathletes
or two training sessions for single-sport athletes with specific attention paid to technique. Here we  can best determine problem areas before creating a finalized training schedule based on where you need help the most.

Step 3:
Create a personalized training calendar designed to help you meet your own athletic goal. Here we will integrate coached training sessions in your weakest disciplines with your individual workouts.

Step 4:
With a regulated training plan created just for you, gear up both physically and mentally for your next race. Consultation on race selection will be provided.

Program Perks:

  • Face-to-face interview to determine whether or not we are a right fit for each other. No need to waste time and money with a coach that you don't gel well with.
  • Your training schedule is designed just-for-you around your work and family obligations, to push you to your physical maximum.
  • Integrate coached work on technique (morning, noon, or night) with your other workouts.
  • No minimum or maximum coached training sessions required.
Silver Jade is presently an Age Group competitor in the sports of Triathlon, Swimming, and Road Running. She started swimming competitively at 5yrs old and became a standout High School swimmer in Berkshire County, Massachusetts where she was elected to be a part of the All-Berkshire swim team multiple years. She later competed at the NCAA collegiate level holding some of the fastest times in school history.   Silver Jade has also traveled internationally to compete as part of a USA team in Australia and Argentina where she returned home highly recognized with several medals.

After college, Silver Jade moved to Miami and began her career as a triathlete and road runner. Very quickly, with the help of her swimming skills, she became one of the top triathletes in the area and stands atop the podium after every race. She is presently the first place holder in her age group and top 4 overall at both of the major South Florida triathlon race series.  She also places at all road running events.

Silver Jade has worked as a private and group swim coach since she was in college and has now expanded her coaching to include all three of the multisport disciplines. She has taught every age and level of athlete.