Coach Details

Tracy McKay
Pleasant Grove, AL

  • Pre season post season evaluation
  • Goal setting - Benchmarking and Assessment
  • 3 & 6 month, online training programs, ( always customized, weekly updates )
  • Private and Group training programs
  • Xterra, off road training..
  • "Travel Coach"
Transitions- Multipsort specializes in endurance sports:
  • swimming 
  • cycling
  • running
  • triathlon
  • ultra distance
  • mtn. biking
What we do best is meet the athlete where they are at relative to their goals, adjust for individual needs and follow the athlete through - to the finish line...

Tracy McKay has 17 years in clinical counseling field which lends an upper hand in helping the athlete manage the subtle nuances and collateral effects of their athletic endeavors...
We have coached both beginner and professional athletes for almost 20 years, setting goals, designing training plans and helping our clients manage their endeavors for the long haul.   

Our Athletes own over 22 Ironman finishes,  participation in 5 World Championships &      9 National Championships with TEAM USA.  Out athletes own numerous other accomplishments such as RAAM, and "beginner to IRONMAN in just 12 months" and XTERRA events to include regional titles...

Your goals and your preparation, asks you to be disciplined and to adapt to the circumstances of your event.  They way you respond to the training alone has far reaching implications and serves as a an opportunity for reflection & growth.

...oh yeah, the trophies are great too!

Come train with us...  ( see video )

Tracy McKay

Owner, Instructor