Coach Details

Joan Scrivanich
Rise Endurance
Fort Lee, NJ
- Club - Run Coaching - Triathlon Coaching - Form Improvement - Custom Plans - Group Talks - Coach Mentorships
Beginners, Long Course, Off-Road, Short Course, Women Specific, High School/Collegiate
Joan holds an advanced degree in Exercise Physiology from Columbia University. Her certifications also include the industry-leading Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) certification, USA Track & Field Level 2 Endurance certification, and USA Triathlon Level 2 Endurance certification. Before becoming a full-time coach, she worked in the healthcare field at the nation’s top ranked hospitals in New York City, which included Columbia University Medical Center, Mt. Sinai Medical Center, and NYU Medical Center. In addition to coaching runners and triathletes, Joan also mentors other coaches and offers Heart Health Coaching. As an Exercise Physiologist, Joan is a health professional who’s qualified to prescribe exercise as well as conduct and evaluate fitness and exercise assessments. Her graduate level studies have included physiology, psychology, sleep, nutrition, and health. She has studied the body’s responses and adaptations to exercise in depth and can apply her knowledge to improving your health and athletic performance. Joan shares her expertise through her writing and as an information source for journalists. She has written for a variety of national media, including USA Triathlon Magazine, Triathlon Lifestyle Magazine, and USA Triathlon Multisport Zone. She has been featured as an expert in Runner’s World, Triathlete Magazine, Shape, and many other outlets.