Coach Details

Joe Sainato
Atlanta, GA
JCSMultisport offers coaching services designed for entry level and experienced athletes. While we specialize in Long Distance racing, we have coached many athletes from beginners to Team USA members. We offer swimming instruction for triathletes without a competitive swimming background and can bring your swim up to speed quickly. Becoming a  JCSMultisport client gives you access to JCSCycles, a full service Bicycle Shop. We carry an extensive line of multisport accessories and are dealers for Aerocat, Argon 18, Javelin, and Leader bicycles, as well as Profile Design products. All of our staff are trained, certified, and experienced bicycle mechanics that are familiar with the unique requirements of multisport bicycles. As a client, you get a "pro deal" discount on JCS Multisport products and service, as well as priority in our service department. Email or call for rates and programs. Annual coaching programs, as well as month to month rates, are also available.

We specialize in the following:

1) Train Like A Pro - if you are new to the sport or have competed but aren't satisfied with your results, this is the program for you. Learn to work an ATP, practice with a purpose, periodize your training, and develop the mental skills and race strategy to get you on the podium.

2) Long Distance Multisport - Half and Full Iroman racing needs a different kind of training program than sprints and Olympic distance racing. First time Ironman or Powerman athletes, as well as seasoned veterans can use this package to learn how to train for long distance multisport, and get that slot at Kona or on Team USA. We cover not only training but nutrition, mental training, and the all important discipline of Race Management.

3) Open Water Swimming Skills for "Newbies" - Multisport swimming is generally not done in a pool with lane lines. You need to be able to develop skills to handle the "full contact" and rough water of the multisport world that you won't get in your local Master's Swim Team. In our experience, many, if not most, athletes come to the sport of triathlon without any competitive swimming experience. We provide instruction that will teach you how to practice with a purpose, develop a good stroke,  develop sighting skills, race strategy, and the mental toughness to handle multisport swimming. Our specialty is teaching athletes without a competitive swimming background.
Joe has been a USAT Level 1 Coach since 2003, and has a racing back ground in all three disciplines. He is a former track and swim coach, having coached high school, age-group, and Masters' swim teams and running programs. A competitive triathlete since 1980, he is a 5 time All American, 6 time Team USA qualifier, 2 time Team USA Co-Captain, and competed, finished, and podiumed in 19 Ironman races. He holds a Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology, and has taught Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology, and Human Anatomy courses at Western Illinois University and at the University of Massachusetts.