Coach Details

Brendan Halpin
Adaptive Endurance
Missoula, MT

Coaching Options

Big Timer Plan $175/month, 6 months for $900, 12 months for $1600

  • Unlimited calls, texts, emails
  • Power file analysis
  • Triblogs training log
  • Nutritional counseling/plan
  • Weekly Plan
  • Overall/Long Term Plan
  • Nutritional & Product Discounts

Basic Plan $125/month, 6 months for $700, 12 months for $1,300

  • One call and or email / week
  • Triblogs training log
  • Weekly Training Plan
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Triathlon(Sprint-Ironman)
  • Duathlon(Sprint-Powerman)
  • Running
  • Cycling (Cyclocross, Mountain Biking, Road Racing)
  • Swimming
I'm a current professional triathlete living in Missoula, MT.  I have a background in running and also have experience racing as a CAT 2 road racer.  I have been racing triathlon for 8 years and racing professionally for the past two years.  I have raced over 70 triathlons ranging from sprint distance races to Ironman including Ironman Hawaii.  My training approaches are formulated from both personal experiences and scientifically based training.  I use heart rate, and power to formulate plans for athletes. 
I love to coach and watch individuals achieve their goals.  With an individualized training plan and proper nutritional advice I feel that anyone can achieve their goals; no matter how lofty.  The key to success is formulating an individualized training plan that is adapted to the athlete. Constant critique and biofeedback help mold and adapt training plans throughout the week.  As a coach I strive to form a unique working relationship between athlete and coach.  A personal goal is to establish a comfortable relationship with each athlete, and learn their individual needs.  I strive to maintain a professional relationship with each athlete that is beneficial to both parties.  Im ready to coach athletes ranging from the average Joe to the successful pro.