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Kelly Wissolik
Energy Fitness Coaching, LLC
Monclova, OH

Coach Kelly, Elite Ironman Triathlete, motivational speaker and coach, successfully combines the latest sports specific knowledge with passion and energy to create a properly balanced training plan for all Energy Fitness Coaching athletes.

EFC and Coach Kelly understand the need for a multi-dimensional approach to be successful in training. We know how to optimize your training time with quality, sport specific workouts, integrated functional strength training, flexibility, rest, recovery, nutrition and mental focus to help you reach your goals. As an EFC athlete you will receive a personal, customized training plan that balances your professional life, personal life, training time and leisure time. EFC athletes are coached for balance in five dimensions: 1-Sport Specific Training 2-Integrated Functional Strength Training 3-Lengthening and Strengthening of the Mind and Body 4-Nutrition 5-Rest and Recovery.

If you are looking for 100% personalized and customized coaching to help you balance work, family, training and life, we can help!

We specialize in endurance multisport coaching. We help busy professionals, stay at home parents, and long course triathletes train smart, achieve success and have fun! We also focus on youth and offer various programs through Energy Fit Kids:
Energy, Passion and Commitment are the three characteristics that best describe Kelly Wissolik. Coach Kelly's passion for the sport of Triathlon is contagious and motivating. Her energy emanates throughout everything she does. As an Energy Fitness Coach, she is a tremendous source of information and inspiration to every one of her athletes.

Coach Kelly has various certifications in exercise and fitness. She is a Level 2 USAT Certified Triathlon Coach, clinical director of Alive with MissionMe, Youth Triathlon Coach, NSAM personal trainer, a Mad Dogg Spinning Instructor, an AFAA Group Exercise Instructor, a WAKAI Aerobic Kickboxing Instructor, an AAAI and ISMA Mat Pilates Instructor, a Spencer Pilates and Sport Yoga Certified Instructor, Healthy Mom's Perinatal Instructor and founder of Triathilates, a core conditioning program targeted specifically for athletes who train primarily train in one plane of motion.  Coach Kelly has been leading group classes in Chicago and Ohio for over 15 years. Her strongest attributes are her motivation, enthusiasm, dependability, reliability, dedication, determination with excellent communication skills. She prides herself on helping athletes at any level of training obtain their personal health and fitness goals.

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Coach Kelly prides herself on being the best Triathlon Coach she can be, and believes that with hard work and the right plan - anyone can achieve their dreams. Equipped with numerous certifications, extensive research, two decades of successful coaching and race experience, she is sure to help you reach your peak!