Coach Details

Timothy Bolen
Excel & Beyond Coaching
Tempe, AZ

Coaching Plans and Services

For triathletes, duathletes, cyclists and runners:
  • Month-to-month personalized schedules
  • Personalized coach interaction, via phone, email, and group events
  • Beginning-to-advanced conditioning
  • Evaluations on form and recommendations
  • Aerobic training
  • Interval training
  • Anaerobic training
  • Group training (spin and track)
  • Heart rate monitor training
  • Motivation and encouragement
  • VO2 Testing for bike and run
  • Resting Metabolic Testing
  • Weight loss Programs

Ironman and anything under and all endurance running and cycling events from 12 hour rides to 10 day tour races. From marathons to 100 mile endurance running events.

About Tim Bolen

    Timothy Bolen: Collegiate runner from Eastern Michigan University 1985 - 1989. Specialized in Organizational Communication with a focus to include Personal Communication. Success in life is based on relationships, understanding them and knowing when to walk away.
I began as a professional triathlete in 1990 where I raced several of the Bud Light Series events. I posted a 1:48 Olympic distance triathlon time at the Chicago Sun Times and a 3:58 at a half-Ironman Distance event in Panama City Florida. I logged a number of sub 31-minute 10K's, 1:08 half-marathon with a 2:18 Full Marathon. I nailed down a sub 52-minute 40K bike split and rode my bike 3000 miles in 15 days straight! All for charity.

I owned a flooring business for 8 years until I went to work for the world's largest flooring manufacturer; Shaw Industries. I worked sales for 7 year in the corporate environment until I finally needed a change.

I then went to work in a small business called Onsite Design LLC where I handle sales, manage several sales employees, and run business operations. I implement safety procedures, human resource issues and teach new sales tactics.

I currently coach 25 wonderful athletes. Most of these athletes have been with us since we first began our coaching business. The majority of my athletes specialize in endurance events, Ironman Triathlons, 24-Hour Mountain Bike events and 24-Hour Triathlon events. I have the privilege to coach one of the top ranked xterra athletes who placed 5th last year at Worlds and ranked 6th Overall in the USAT National Rankings placing him All-American in the Xterra category.

I had 15 athletes compete in Ironman in 2006, and I had 18 compete in 2007, another 38 in 2008 and 48 in 2009. All of these athletes finished but two! One athlete set a personal record by over 2 hours and another who hit the All-American status 3 years in a row. I plan to continue this tradition. I have another 45 athletes competing again this year. I look forward to watching every one of these athletes cross the finish line.

My short course specialists posted top 10 finishes all season long. Not to mention some top 5 overall finishes in events like Soma, Nathan's and Mountain Man Triathlon locally here in Arizona.

In addition, I coach a few athletes out of state. Although I prefer working directly with the athletes locally, I maintain some incredible results through these athletes out of state. I believe in working face-to-face and talking weekly with each athlete and at times daily, depending on circumstances.