Coach Details

Bill Floyd
Tampa, FL
   TriFloyd with Bill Floyd Coaching offers six Clinics a year, ranging from a progressive two Clinic series with Periodization, two Clinics emphasizing the use of a brick and the hills of San Antonio incorporating both the cycling and run skills and drills, a tri oriented Run Clinic, and a general Skills & Drills Clinic, plus our four Levels Programs incorporating hands on coaching and specialized and personalized designed training plans, along with Plan Management, nutrition balancing, sessions on transitions, private sessions, and our highly popular Open Water Swim Workouts we hold every Wednesday evening for triathletes in the Tampa Bay Area using a structured, progressive approach with 3 - 5 skills, drills, and techniques refining FORM development, strength, force, and speed, all with the right amount at the right intensity.
   Along with this, TriFloyd holds our Annual July 4th Swim/Run Race for our client base, and for the adventure of endurance events, our Annual 8 Mile Swim from Clearwater to Tampa, Florida, in November.
   Since TriFloyd with Bill Floyd Coaching has done from the sprint to the Ironman, and has advanced training from USA Triathlon and the certified courses, using both practical experience and classroom hard core working knowledge, Coach Bill has been tested and proven knowledge in all of the distances of triathlon.  He is especially strong in aerodynamics, bike fitting, and positioning in the water, on the bike, and the run, to maximize the use of momentum, gravitational pull and pressures, and for ease of motion.  FORM development in all three sports is critical for the long term investment of the many hours to increase the chances of speed attainment and for the decreasing occurrence of injury.
    And, we try to do all of this in the environment of a relaxed, fun, but also, focused atmosphere.
   Been competing since 1988, currently ranked 27th in the Country, current and three time Masters Champion - Olympic Distance, Ironman and 1/2 Ironman, and compete in sprints, too.  I am a USA Triathlon Certified Coach, Level II, USA Cycling Certified Coach, TEAM in Training National Certified Coach - coached, trained and certified by Dave Scott - 6 time winner of the Hawaiian Ironman, recipient of the Mentor-ship Program from USA Triathlon, assisted the staff coaches at the U. S. Olympic Training Center, holds Open Water Swim Workouts every Wednesday evening for triathletes in the Tampa Bay area.
   I have also been successful in the business world as being selected Manager of the Year of a division of a $20 billion dollar corporation, earned every high level sales awards available, including 3 time Distinguished Performance Awards, 6 time Quarter Sales Awards for highest percent to forecast, 2 time Pinnacle Club Awards, and Southeastern Salesperson of the Year.