Coach Details

Stephen Taylor
Nashville, TN
My flagship program is group multisport training.  This program offers 12+ workouts per week for a monthly registration of 99.00.  This includes phone/e-mail contacts with your coach and lots of extras.  Participants include beginners to multi-time ironman athletes.

The strengths of the group training include:
  • Supportive atmosphere with group camraderie
  • Strong emphasis on the fundamentals with the chance to improve rapidly
  • Flexible schedules (workouts in the early am, pm, daytime, weekend)
I also offer individual coaching, with an emphasis on 1-on-1 coaching.  This is a chance to learn improved technique, sports psychology, and mental toughness. Such lessons include:
  • Supervised intensity sessions
  • Bike fit
  • Run form analysis and videotaped instruction
  • Swim stroke analysis and instruction
  • Functional strength/stretch analysis and program design
  • Racing schedule consultation
There is no limit to what we can focus on.  If you bring the desire to improve, I will share the coaching that has helped 100's of athletes strive toward their potential.  
E-mail me at [email protected] for FREE 1 hour individual coaching session with your choice of focus.
  • Personal trainer and endurance coach since 1997
  • M.A. in Counseling Psychology, Executive Coaching Emphasis
  • Certified Personal Trainer, USA Triathlon, USA Cycling, Postural Analysis and Program Design
  • Team STtrainer consists of 50+ athletes including triathletes, cyclists, and runners
  • Former coach at University of Missouri, Iowa, Iowa State, and Vanderbilt University
  • Coach of Music City Runners
  • Over 25 career wins in sprint-iron distance triathlons, marathon, 50K ultramarathon
  • 3rd fastest 50 mile time in the world, 2008
  • Hawaii Ironman, 2003
  • 11th in A.G, Olympic Distance World Championships
  • Writer, actor, executive producer of Fundamentals of Triathlon DVD