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Sergio Borges
Sergio Borges X Training
San Diego, CA
Personal and online coaching, one on one session and pre designed training programs

Sergio Borges X Training is a premier multisport coaching service company, that specializes in triathlon, cycling and running. We focus in coaching age group athletes of all abilities, especially those who have a busy life, trying to manage different priorities that include family, work, and travel.Our coaching programs allow the athlete to see great results, but most of all to fulfill their dreams!

Our athletes range from pure beginners to Ironman Champions, from 19 to 80 years young!  Our staff provide the most professional and personalized service to help you achieve your goals while having a balanced life.

We base our training approach -- Inverted Training Periodization -- on techniques that are innovative, simple and effective. We understand that each athlete's needs are different and should be treated with special care. Our training will help you to have a balanced and healthy life while going fast!

At Sergio Borges X Training, we specialize in assisting age group athletes achieve their goals and dreams.  We are proud to have coached numerous age group athletes to amazing accomplishments from completing their very first event, to new best times, qualifying for Ironman World Championship Events, and others.

Sergio Borges is an elite level Ironman distance triathlete. He has dedicated the last 17 years to studying the ART and science of triathlon training. During this time, he has competed in hundreds of races of all distances including 21 Ironman races around the world (9:38 PR), over 60 half ironmans (4:12 PR), qualifying for the Hawaii Ironman World Championships seven times (so far). Sergio has also been nominated as "All American" by USA Triathlon, 9 times. After over 10 years of investment banking, he decided to apply his expertise to personal triathlon coaching. Sergio is a certified Level III USA Triathlon coach, Level II ITU Triathlon Coach, Level II USA cycling coach, coached the USA Elite, Junior Elite and U23 team at the World Duathlon in Switzerland in 2003 and the U23 Tri national team in 2004. Also has worked with USAT at the Collegiate National Camps, Recruitment Camps, lecturing at the Coaching Level I and II Clinics and writes for 3 sport magazines. Sergio was involved in the FIRST ever Paratriathlon Camp organized by CAF, is the founder of the JCC Triathlon Master Program and the Kids XTeam Triathlon Club.

Sergio's history in triathlon has contributed to the emergence of many of today's top California-based Pro and Age Group talents. Backing his hands-on success are credentials that stand out on the busy California triathlon scene, including:

  • Level III USA Triathlon coach
  • Level II ITU Triathlon Coach - Junior and U23 Development
  • Level II USA Cycling coach
  • Former head coach of the UCSD and UCI Triathlon Team
  • Head Coach, USA Team (Elite, U23 and Junior) at the 2008, 2004 and 2003 Duathlon World Championships
  • USAT Coach at Collegiate National Camps and Recruitment Camps
  • USAT Lecturer at Coaching Level I and II Clinics
  • Contributor to three sport magazines

Sergio is known for thinking outside of the box when it comes to triathlon training,  in 2004 he developed his own method Inverted Training Periodization and have since perfect it making Ironman Champions, Top 3 in 70.3 Races and many AG podiums around the World. Sergio combines his vast experience coaching athletes of all ages and abilities with a fundamental belief in the need for an individualized and realistic training plan for each athlete achieve his or her goal -- from staying healthy to becoming a champion!