Coach Details

Oriol Gili
Miami Beach, FL

A 12 weeks plan is for beginners and short distance racing. Also suitable for running 5k-10k-21k-42k. $63/month (opt. +$50/once for a gym plan of weights and functional strength).

The 20 weeks plan is oriented to a goal race Half or Full distance triathlon. Previous experience in shorter races is needed and here you get everything you need to succeed. $95/month that includes: masterplan, gym plan, total communication, advising, cycling power training, swim training based on your critical speed, running pacing zones analysis, race strategy plan, race day nutrition plan.

Try it and truly you will get satisfied, I take my athletes goals as my personal ones. I currently race with a PRO license so I have a complete understanding of what it takes to improve. No minimum level, if you are going to train hard that's all I need to hear.

Contact me to get more information, pictures and references of athletes. I speak Spanish too. Thanks!

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TRIATHLON COACH , certified with 10 years of experience in 3 different sports. Some of my athletes got 2 golds and 1 silver at World Championships, several Top-10, I've been involved with Olympic Campaigns too. I travel a lot so I offer online plans of 12 and 20 weeks depending on your goals. On-site coaching is possible too. I am between Miami and Spain. I am also an Engineer graduate.

You can visit my website for more details, you will find a contact form to reach me and I will get back. Sorry, I don't make my email publicly, this way I can avoid getting it included in spam lists.