Coach Details

Bill Garelick
Hoboken, NJ

F.A.S.T.E.R. TODAY ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE COACHING specializes in teaching and coaching proper bio-mechanics to single and multi-sport athletes, as well as serious fitness enthusiasts looking to increase their performance. This focus ensures that regardless on the sport, the athletes alignment, angles, and synchronization of muscle contractions allows them to take advantage of gravity, the correct muscles and joints, and precision timing to make them as efficient and injury free as possible. In addition, we work with other coaches and multi-sport teams and their athletes. We are conveniently located right across from NYC in Hoboken, NJ.

How We Do It!

Knowledge, Understanding & Experience

Since 2008, we have coached proper bio-mechanics to over 2000 athletes in freestyle swimming, cycling, and running, increasing their efficiency and speed while decreasing any chance of injury. In addition, we are experts in all aspects of the strength, flexibility and mobility work that goes along with those activities.


We utilize video tape analysis software when coaching. Video tape analysis allows the better communication between the athlete and coach, allows the athlete to see what needs to be corrected, increases the motivation of the athlete when they see and feel their technique improving and speeds up the learning curve.

In addition to video analysis, we are experts in utilizing metronomes. Metronomes aid tremendously in technique corrections as it takes the guesswork out of any timing issues and make the athletes movements precise and symmetrical.

Deliberate Practice & Kaizan

Our athletes dont train hard....they practice very deliberately! Have you ever heard of a dancer, musician or yoga practitioner training hard? No! They practice their art. Many athletes train hard year after year and never get any better or faster because they are focused on pure strength and not critically analyzing their technique. This creates frustration, decreases the athletes motivation and an increases the chance of injury. This is especially true with older athletes who are not as strong as they once were and are on their biological downslope. We create a paradigm shift in these athletes thinking about how to get better and faster using the least amount of energy, not the most amount. This shift in thinking allows all athletes to continually improve for many years.

Kaizan: The Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement of efficiency and speed through mindful and deliberate practice.

Mission Statement

We will provide the absolute best bio-mechanic coaching to single and multi-sport athletes. We will always be perennial students of sport, movement, technology and coaching, never settling or stagnating. Our goals are to not only develop more skilled athletes, but smarter athletes, allowing them to critically analysis themselves with the knowledge they acquire with us. Lastly, we want every athlete that has ever been coached by us to walk away with an incredible learning experience, never forgetting who taught them their new founded technique.

Total Immersion Freestyle Swim Coaching
Run Coaching
Cycling Coaching
Kettlebell Coaching
Metabolc Conditioning
Stabilization Strength Coaching
Performance / Functional Strength Coaching
Corrective Exercise / Movement Patterns and Injury Prevention 
Bill Garelick is owner of F.A.S.T.E.R. TODAY ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE COACHING. Bill is an Athletic Performance Coach and bio-mechanics expert who specializes in neurological programing and skill development in regards to athletic performance in skill, speed, endurance, power, coordination and stamina. Disciplines we focus on are: swimming, running, cycling and all aspects of strength & conditioning.  
Bill also specializes in corrective exercises that improve disfunctional movement pattens and prevent injury.
Bill's credentials include:
USAT Triathlon Coach
Total Immersion Swim Coach
NASM - Performance Enhancment Specialist (PES)
NASM - Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES)
NASM - Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
RKC - Kettlebell Instructor Level 1
CK-FMS - Functional Movement Screening
CrossFit - Level 1 Instructor
CrossFit Endurance - Running Instructor