Coach Details

Mary Bradbury
Bradbury Fitness Multisport
Mt. Prospect, IL

Why hire a coach?  The number one reason is to improve.  If the likes of Michael Phelps, Craig Alexander, and Tiger Woods have a coach, then we probably all need one! We do all the planning, which saves you time and alleviates stress.  Accountability is another big reason.  It’s easy to procrastinate when you only report to yourself.  Excuses become easier and easier, effort may lack, workouts get swapped around leaving no rhyme or reason as to how they fit into a plan, the plan itself is often piece-mealed together, etc.  A coach knows how to make it all work based on your goals, your lifestyle, and your schedule. 

  • personalized training plans for general fitness, running, biking, swimming,  and/or triathlon, etc based on your goals and schedules.
  • video or in-person analysis of all disciplines 
  • aid in planning race schedules, strategies, and nutrition
  • help with technique and transitions
  • weekly feedback on completed workouts
  • fitness testing
  • unlimited contact

Triathlon coaching

Swim lessons

Run coaching

  • Multiple USAT All American status
  • Illinois State Champion in the 1650 freestyle, 2011
  • 9th place at the 2010 ITU 70.3 World Championships
  • 7th place 2010 USAT Age Group Nationals
  • 8th place in the 2009 ITU Short Course (Olympic distance) World Championships
  • Dozens of podium finishes
  • Has qualified for the ITU World Championships several times