Coach Details

John Bennett
Athlit Peak Performance
Orlando, FL
ATHLIT PEAK PERFORMANCE is an athletic consulting and planning company. "Performance Enhancement through Science and Planning" is the tenet for all work. ATHLIT not only focuses on planning, consulting, and training, but also provides information and research services for respected institutions and organizations.
Periodization theory in endurance physiology. Testing analysis, interpretation, and application. Gait function assessment and response. Competition performance planning and management.
John Bennett, MS, CSCS, USAT I, EMT-Paramedic --------------------------------------------------- As the owner of ATHLIT, John believes in systematic approaches to training. He understands that athletes are unique and constantly changing, and that no single coaching method is universal. He feels that a quality performance team must remain versatile, monitoring trends, technology, research, and most importantly, the athletes response. Training methods should reflect the athlete, not the coach. ----------------------- To maintain quality growth and awareness, John believes in contributing back to the field of sport science through research, publishing, and teaching. A unique approach to fueling and hydration in endurance athletes is the ambition for his future doctoral dissertation and research.