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Elvis Taska
Scottsdale, AZ

Adult Learn to Swim Course

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Anxiety and Open Water Clinics

Swim Plans and Personal Training

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Bike Plans and Personal Training

Run Gate Analysis 

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Focus in One - On - One beginer and advanced Triathlon coaching and personal training.

Twenty-eight years ago, I was lucky enough to be born in Tempe, Arizona, home of the Devils, and host of a premiere triathlon venue. My dad, Jay, was a competitive swimmer in college, and had me join the Coronado High School Swim team in 2002. But my fascination with swimming started much earlier. When I was a toddler Jay'd bring me to the ASU Rec-Center with my younger brother, Woody.  There we learned how to blow bubbles underwater, float on our backs, and how tread water in the deep end. My dad says we'd hold onto his neck and swim through the deep end like a huge whale, each one of us trying to out last the others deep breath.  He said that was some of the best breath control training he had ever done. I like to swim in lakes, rivers, and oceans because the terrain of the water is so vastly different from that of a competition pool. Out in the lakes you can loose track of time and distance in a very physical personal rhythm.  I enjoy personal training because it provides a unique opportunity to other athletes.  They can have their limits pushed with a partner, they can gain valuable critique and advice, and can feel motivated in a safe way.